Diving at Hantu

What You Will See

If you take the time to look, you'll be surprised at the number of pretty things there are in Singapore's murky waters. And with a good macro camera, you'll have quite a few things to admire long after your dive is over.

This tubeworm's tentacles were flattened against the coral by the current. And I must say it's the prettiest tubeworm I've ever seen. And where did I see it? Not Lembeh, not Maldives, not Galapagos, but Pulau Hantu, Singapore.

taken with the A570is

The featherstar


Puffball Sponge

Pretty stuff at around 5-7 metres: Goniopora on the left, and and on the right, and what looks like some kind of soft coral on the right

Whip Coral

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