Nudibranchs, Flatworms and Other Squiggly Things

Chromodoris Willani

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Seeing different marine life generates different emotions in me.
Sharks = awe
Mantas = humility
Shrimps = joy
Sea urchins and jellyfish = anxiety
Large schools of fish = elation
Nudibranchs = comfort

Seeing a nudibranch, flatworm or cerastoma, dwarfed by its surroundings but unmistakable, is like bumping into an old friend.

Banana nudibranch

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Nudibranchs are actually sea slugs who have lost their shells, making their gills 'naked' - hence their name.

Science Lesson: The Nudibranch is part of the Gastropod category, which is in turn part of the Molluscs. Flatworms are part of a separate category called Polycladida, and tubeworms are part of the Annelida (or segmented worms) category.

By all means memorise these scientific names to impress your diving friends, but I find it easier to just mentally lump them under Squiggly Things.

Glossodoris Atromarginata

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Halgerda something
Halgerda something-else
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