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The Journey Home

If you take the liveaboard, going home involves sunbathing on the roof, having afternoon tea followed by dinner in the lounge while your dive equipment dries in the breeze, and having the option of a hot shower before you reach Singapore.

But if you're doing the roadtrip, read the rest of the page:




Use luggage with wheels.  If your bag doesn't come with wheels, buy a trolley before your trip.  You won't regret it, trust me!  You can get cheap and good trolleys for less than S$10. 

Wear light and comfortable clothing that absorbs sweat well and dries fast. 

If you're sensitive to the sun, sit on the left side of the ferry, because the sun will be shining on the right.

The LONG Trek to the Jetty

When it's time to go home, you will have to lug all your luggage to the jetty. The walk to the jetty takes about 15 minutes. Under the hot sun, it takes forever. The resort does not have porters. So even if you wanted to tip someone to carry your bags to the jetty for you, you won't find anybody to do the job. So don't carry too many things, and make you sure you have wheels!

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The wait for the ferry varies. Expect delays.

The ferry ride back will include stops at the different jetties around Tioman. Upon arrival at Mersing, you might have to cross other boats already parked at the jetty, to reach the jetty. Try to form a chain as most productive method of getting luggage off the boat and onto the land.

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At Mersing, you are strongly encouraged to go to the toilet before the road trip back. Toilets are generally clean but wet with a mixture of squat and sit-down toilets. You will have to bring your own toilet paper.

You will have to pay ... ummm... I think about 20 Malaysian cents to go in. Add in 60 cents or thereabouts for a packet of tissue.

The Drive Back to Singapore

This will include a stop at the same petrol station.

Again, leave it to the dive centre and the driver to decide which causeway to use. At immigration, you will usually need to bring all the luggage down and back up again.

If you're travelling on a long weekend, the jams are incredible. However, the immigration folks at the Woodlands Checkpoint are so well-prepared that the queue is super fast and you're out in no time. Haven't experienced the 2nd Link on a long weekend yet.

Usually, the dive centre will drop you off at the same place you started. Sometimes you can ask the driver to drop you off at other places if they're on the way, but this varies, so please check with your dive centre on what's their standard operating procedure.

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At Mersing

Buy a Ramlee burger. I like the Special Burger (Beef). This is a beef patty (although it may not be pure beef - better not to ask. Just eat) that's wrapped with a fried egg and then sandwiched between the burger buns.

Buy a Tioman t-shirt. I got two for RM15.

In Singapore

Get someone to pick you up, or call a cab to bring you home. Usually, it's near impossible to find a cab where the dive operators are located, and you end up waiting 45 minutes for a 15-minute drive.

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