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The dive sites at Tioman are mainly reefs fringing the island. Hence, gentle reef slopes, no dramatic walls and no strong currents make these places perfect for beginners. Occasionally, you'll get some patch reefs. Coral life is abundant. Large nudibranchs and plenty of anemones create the ideal biology classroom for beginner divers because everything is easy to spot and doesn't require a magnifying glass.

Favourite Site - Roger's House Reef

March 2005 (Open Water Course)

Dive 1 - Roger's House Reef

Dive 2 - Sea Fan Garden

Dive 3 - Malang Rock

Dive 4 - Chebeh

Dive 5 - Soyak
May 2005

Dive 1 - Roger's Wreck

Dive 2 - Layang Layang

Dive 3 - Soyak

Dive 4 - Chebeh

Dive 5 - Malang Rock

Dive 6 - Labas

Dive 7 - Roger's Wreck (night dive)

Dive 8 - Sea Fan Garden

Dive 9 - Soyak

Tioman May 2005 was my first time diving without my husband. Here are some of the people who looked out for me...

From left to right:

Raymond - World's Most Patient Dive Instructor
Audrey - Chocolate Connoisseur
Serko - Two-Tank Champion
Kelly - Tim Tam Specialist
Jeremy - Awesome Breakfast Buddy
Bernard (sitting) - World's Most Patient Buddy
Allan (standing behind Bernard) - World's Best Navigator

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