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Food Onboard the White Manta

Your stay includes 3 meals a day, served buffet-style at designated meal times, and afternoon tea. Mealtimes depend on your dive times, and you are pretty much guaranteed of hot food pretty soon after your late morning dive, after your afternoon dive, and after your night dive.

Breakfast includes egg, Western fare like chicken sausages and salad, Asian fare like roti prata, bread or toast with standard spreads like peanut butter, jam, and butter.

Lunch and dinner offers a good range of carbo (rice and noodles), meat and vegetables, with fruit.

Afternoon tea almost always includes fresh fruit, and if you're lucky, goreng pisang (fried banana fritters) hot from the fryer, served with ice-cream.

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Food at Salang Beach Resort


Dinner at Roger'sIf you're under Dive Asia's package, you will eat at Roger's, a private pavilion next to the dive centre, and not in the resort restaurant. Breakfast consists of finger food like curry puffs, kueh-kueh's, coffee and tea. Lunch and dinner consist of rice with a variety of home-made cooked dishes.

Food is good home-cooked fare, and the cutlery is real and not made of plastic so you can tear apart your meat without breaking the fork. Paper serviettes provided too.

You'll have to provide your own mineral water though.

Still hungry? Here are some options.

Breakfast - What I do is wake up early and take a stroll down to the open restaurants nearer the jetty. At Salang Indah Resort's restaurants, you can get a decent breakfast of either 2 half-boiled eggs, toast and milo or roti prata (except they call it roti chennai in Malaysia) for a few ringgit. Or you can go all out and order the banana pancakes which have real chunky bananas embedded into the pancakes. Good stuff.

Then because I don't want to offend Roger, I go back to the resort for the package breakfast:-)

Tea - In between dives, I also love going to the Salang Beach Resort's restaurant for a hot milo by the beach (a few ringgit only) at any time of the day. The restaurant staff are sweethearts. They are more fluent in Malay, but you can order from them in English.

Late-Night Supper - it's fun to go to the restaurants closer to the pier. For example, at the Salang Indah Resort's restaurant, you can have an assortment of barbequed seafood, dessert (ice-cream), drinks and other stuff. The barbequed squid is good, but don't take the menu word for word when it lists 10 flavours of ice-cream. Chances are, you will get to choose from about 2 flavours of ice-cream.

Snacks - The provision shop will help you fill the in-between meal times with ice-cream and snacks.

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