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Choosing a Liveaboard: DWS Must-Haves

With the excessive information on the internet, it's easy to get lulled into a false sense of security when you select a boat which you think satisfies your basic criteria (air-conditioned rooms, ensuite bathrooms, and hot running water). However, even this may disappoint. The air-conditioning may not work very well, or you might not be able to adjust the temperature to your sub-zero liking. Hot running water may be hot water interspersed with cold. Ensuite bathrooms may mean a tiny trickle of water while you take your shower.

On top of all that, I also struggle with how to find out all the finer details without looking like an annoying demanding customer.

So many liveaboards to choose from - but what lies beyond the gleaming white exteriors and the fancy masts?

My Checklist (before booking)

Boat Requirements

Diving Requirements

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How to find out

Scrutinise the internet information as if you were from CSI

Look at these two boats. The one on the left is big and nice, but its shaded areas are at the back of the boat. The one on the right has a very spacious shaded area with chairs and tables in the front of the boat. The one on the right will probably be cooler.

Find out from others who have been

Look at the price

Email the operator

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