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How to Wear Your Hair

Get a hood. All you need to do is tie a low ponytail and then tuck in your hair just before you do your giant stride. This saves you 10 minutes of braiding!

If you don't use a hood and have long layered hair, the next best alternative is a french braid. It will still come undone a little and you will need to rebraid it at least once during the day, but it's still neater than a simple ponytail.

I find that having an elastic band around my hair at the back of my head, at the same spot where my mask strap will be, helps to prevent the mask strap from slipping.

You will find that the mask strap sometimes pulls on your hair. Painful. Invest in a neoprene mask strap that wraps around the rubber strap of your mask (see picture). It is SO much more comfortable.

Or get a full neoprene strap to entirely replace the original rubber strap. This will have less chances of breakage. Which means you don't have to worry about bringing spare straps.

If there is a long surface interval in between dives and you get to go back to your hotel room, undo your hair, rub in a little conditioner, rinse and let it dry. Better for your hair. Tip from a women's magazine: it is ok to wash your hair more than once a day and use conditioner.

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Beauty Must-Do's Before Your Trip

Personally, other than my wedding ring, I don't want to wear jewellery while diving because I'm just super-kiasu.

Firstly, I'm not sure if I can handle losing something, even if it's cheapo costume jewellery (because I tend to have sentimental attachments to everything, even inanimate objects).

Secondly, I don't like the idea of a chains or ear-ring stud rubbing against me and leaving marks on my skin when pressed down by a wetsuit or hood.

Thirdly, I have totally-unfounded and not-based-on-fact fears that the pressure or temperature may make something like a toe-ring constrict, cut off my blood flow, and cause bruising or amputation.

Fourthly, I have another (also totally-unfounded) fear that barracudas or other vicious fish will be attracted to shiny objects and try to help themselves. I'm fine with them taking my bolts and other diving accessories, but I draw the line with my jewellery.

Having said that, I have seen fellow divers going in with:

So I guess that means the answer is yes, you can wear jewellery while diving. But you don't need me to tell you to leave the Lee Hwa and Larry Jewellery gold and diamonds at home.

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