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Common Bathrooms

When your room doesn't have ensuite bathrooms and you have to share a bathroom with 10 other people, you mustn't keep other people waiting. But even the best intentions can go wrong if you forget to bring essential things to the bathroom. So, after I kept forgetting to bring something for my shower, scampering back to my cabin, and scampering back to the bathroom before someone else went in, I devised the B.U.T.T. Bag*:

B = Bag (plastic) for dirty/wet clothes
U = Underwear
T = Toiletries / Toiletry bag
T = Towel

*Any supermarket plastic bag will do, but if you want to be a bit more glam, use one of those waterproof sports drawstring bags which can be folded and flattened when packed.

I don't bother putting fresh clothes into my BUTT Bag (too many things already) so after my shower, I put on clean underwear, wrapped my towel around me, grabbed my BUTT Bag and walked back to my room to put on the rest of my clothes.

See? So easy.

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