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This website provides a Chivalry Meter for the different places I've visited.  This is usually in bold yellow text.

To answer the oft-asked question then: "I'm going to ________. Will I have to do everything myself?"

If you are on a budget, yes, you have to do everything yourself. This includes:
- carrying your luggage and equipment
- climbing on and off boats in a very unladylike fashion
- rigging up your equipment to the tank
- lugging tanks around (with and without your equipment attached)
- putting on and taking off your own equipment

If you go to the basic dive resorts in Tioman and Aur, you will have to do everything yourself.  Even if you have cash to tip a porter, you can't, because there are no porters.  Two exceptions however, were Nomad Adventure Divers and the SDQ Resort at Lembeh Straits.  These resorts for the budget-conscious get high marks on the chivalry meter. Their level of chivalry is equivalent to the level of chivalry in Maldives. 

If you need people to steady your hand as you get onto boats, don't be shy to ask.  

If you are willing to pay a little more, you don't have to do everything yourself. You don't have to raid a bank though.  Even the 3-star resorts and transit hotels in Maldives have very high chivalry meters.  Their staff not only do the standard things like carry your bags and steady your hand when you get onto boats - they also serve you hot tea after your dive, and help you put on your equipment.

In Sulawesi, Nomad Adventure Divers and SDQ Resort only asks you to rig up your equipment once.  After that, they will handle everything, including rinsing, putting away, etc. 

If you have deep pockets, go for the 5-star resorts. I haven't had the luxury of trying Four Seasons or Shangri-La, but these will probably give you fluffy towels and slippers on the boat... and maybe serve caviar and lobster after every dive (just a wild guess, don't quote me).

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