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Choosing a Wetsuit

Putting on a wetsuit is probably the most strenuous thing about diving. After so much tugging and adjusting, sometimes you just want to jump straight into the water to cool down.

Here are some things we've learnt to look out for when picking a wetsuit.

Inside stitching - this is probably one of the most important things that differentiates a good wetsuit from an average one. Inside stitching will reinforce the seams, making your wetsuit less likely to form holes at the seams after a lot of use.

Leg zips and side zips on wrist - this makes it much easier to put on the wetsuit

Metal zips - very often, the bit where you pinch when zipping up will break off after a lot of use. Metal zips means this won't happen.

Loop at the base of main zip - holes tend to form at the base of the main zip. If your wetsuit has a loop at the bottom of your zip, it means you're supposed to hold on to it while zipping up with the other hand. This may sound complicated, but it's not. Being a loop, you'll find it easily when you reach your hand behind your back. More importantly, this holding-on loop means that there is less weakening of the seam at the base of the zip, and hence less likelihood of the inevitable hole.

Side panels - this reduces the restrictiveness around your chest which can be very uncomfortable

Pictures coming soon!

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