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If you're flying back to Singapore, the only direct way is via Manila with Continental Airlines, and only on Wednesdays. Flight schedules are at the bottom of this page.

The stopover at Palau is quick and painless, and a mirror image of what happens when you go to Yap.

From Manila, you have three SQ flights to choose from to go back to Singapore. It is possible to take the 2.15pm flight back, even with all the security checks you have to go through. But here's how to make it easier:

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Flight Schedules

Yap - Singapore

Dep 0815 Arr 1030 (Wed only)

MNL-SIN (daily)
Dep 0820 Arr 1150 SQ71
Dep 1415 Arr 1745 SQ73
Dep 1820 Arr 2159 SQ75

ROR = Palau
MNL = Manila

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