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Getting There

If you're going to Yap from Singapore, the most direct way to reach Yap is via Manila. There are direct flights from Singapore to Manila by Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Philippine Airlines. We took SIA. They fly to Manila three times a day, 7 days a week (flight schedules are in the right column).

From Manila, only Continental Airlines flies to Yap, and in Sept 06, there used to be three routes (via Palau, Guam and Saipan) but as of July 07, there appears to be only one route now (via Palau). This is on Wednesdays only, departing Manila at night and arriving at Yap at 0410 hours the next morning. Sheer Torture.

The good news though is you no longer need to stay one night in Manila because the flight is now at night. But if you still want to see Manila, it isn't expensive, and we had a very comfortable and restful night at the Hyatt Hotel & Casino for US$90, excluding meals.

Chivalry meter
Hyatt Hotel & Casino: Excellent
Manila airport: Zero
Yap airport: Not applicable

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The Flight to Yap

Arrive at the airport early because you and your luggage may undergo as many as 4 checks. The most thorough check is just before you board the plane, and they will open your hand luggage and check practically every item in there. But they're very nice about it, and they make efforts to put everything back the way it was packed. You will also have to remove your footwear for inspection.

Check the latest travel advisories from the internet before your flight. This will prepare you for what to pack and what not to pack (eg pack the liquids into your checked-in luggage and don't bring them in your handcarry bags or they WILL be confiscated).

During the stopover in Palau, you can't get off the plane. The ground staff at Palau will board your plane to conduct a security check. This includes checking under every seat, checking the overhead compartments and confiscating anything that doesn't belong to the passengers.

The check is done in a very orderly and polite manner, and it's very well-organised. While the checks are done on one side of the plane, all the passengers have to move to the other side with all their belongings. Then when the checks are done on the other side, all passengers move to the opposite side. Each time you must have your belongings with you, including your hand-luggage, otherwise they'll assume it's unclaimed and they will take it away. My brother almost lost his sandals that way!

The plane to Yap is a Boeing 737, with one aisle and three seats on either side.

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Flight Schedules
(as at Jul 07)

Singapore - Yap

SIN - MNL (daily)
Dep 0945 Arr 1315 SQ72
Dep 1345 Arr 1715 SQ74
Dep 1710 Arr 2040 SQ76

MNL-YAP (via ROR) (Wed only)
Dep 2145 Arr 0410 +1

Yap - Singapore

YAP-MNL (via ROR) (Wed only)
Dep 0815 Arr 1030

MNL-SIN (daily)
Dep 0820 Arr 1150 SQ71
Dep 1415 Arr 1745 SQ73
Dep 1820 Arr 2159 SQ75

A Boeing 737

Yap International Airport

Immigration (after getting off the plane)

This is the entire arrival hall. In the background are the immigration counters. In the middle is the area where you collect your luggage. In the foreground is the customs check. Once you clear that and come out beyond the barred gates, you'll be met by your hotel and they'll whisk you off to your vacation.

Things to Know About Yap Airport

When you arrive, you disembark from the plane directly onto the tarmac and walk to the immigration counter which is immediately in front of you. Have your return ticket documentation ready because they need that.

The luggage trolleys are goods delivery trolleys, the same trolleys that the uncle uses to deliver stock to NTUC Fairprice.

The airport isn't air-conditioned.

But it has a souvenir shop, and if I'm not wrong, it's run by Trader's Ridge.

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