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Manta Ray Bay Hotel, Yap

Manta Ray Bay Hotel is located in Colonia's town centre, about 15 minutes' drive from the airport. It's right on the bay, so your walk from your room to the dive boat is barely 2 minutes.

Manta Ray Bay Hotel is a genuine dive resort, because it really does operate around divers. See, some dive resorts have nice accommodation with a basic and dank dive centre hidden in some corner like staff quarters, other resorts are the other way round, and some are just average in both areas. Manta Ray Bay Hotel is good at both, so it passes DWS standards with flying colours.

Service standards are excellent too. You can see that great pains are taken to ensure that the staff deliver good and sincere service. A lot of thought is also put into creating a cozy, friendly, no-airs-and-graces ambiance so that the guest experience is warm and pleasant.

The Old WingIn September 2006, the hotel had a grand re-opening after an extensive renovation which included a new wing of rooms and other refinements. We were given a new wing room which we were very happy with, and my brother's old wing room was just as good.

Manta Ray Bay Hotel has a pool (tiled with two mantas at the bottom). At one end is a mini-waterfall thingy with a rock wall, and it's fun to wade over and sit behind the waterfall.Then along its length, you can gaze out to the sea.Towels and towel bin

Large towels are thoughtfully placed next to the pool together with a towel-bin so you don't have to carry it back to your room or leave it in a messy pile on the floor.

The hotel also offers non-diving activities such as kayak tours and cultural tours.

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Manta Theme - Cheesy or Nice?

To be honest, before I got there, I thought that the manta theme would result in a very cheesy Las Vegas sort of place - but I was wrong. The whole theming thing is done quite tastefully.

One of the nice pictures on the walls

Manta tiling in the pool

A wooden manta suspended from the ceiling

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