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Dive Sites

The dive sites at Aur are mainly reefs fringing the island. Hence, gentle reef slopes, no dramatic walls and no strong currents make these places perfect for beginners. Occasionally, you'll get some patch reefs. Coral life is abundant.

Favourite site: Rayner's Rock

May 2005 (Advanced Open Water)

Dive 1 - Pulau Lang

Dive 2 - Telok Jawa

Dive 3 - Captain's Point

Dive 4 - Crocodile Rock (night dive)

Dive 5 - Rayner's Rock

Dive 6 - Crocodile Rock
June / July 2006

Dive 1 - Telok Kadur

Dive 2 - Telok Jawa

Dive 3 - Captain's Point

Dive 4 - House Reef

Visibility was less than 10m. One of the dives had a slight current but it was manageable. Water temperature went down to 27 degrees for the last 2 dives, for some strange reason. Not exactly teeming with fish, but we got a handful of gems nevertheless, like the turtles, cuttlefish and cute juveniles.

Rayner's Rock

Rayner's Rock - Our Favourite Aur Dive Site

March 2007

In March 2007, I went for a liveaboard weekend to Pulau Aur, and this gave me a chance to check out Jack Rock, a site about 2 hours from Aur, part of a cluster of islands including Pulau Tinggi, and probably too far away if I'd stayed in a land-based resort. There was also the option of the Pinnacles which is a little closer to Aur, but we didn't go there because the majority of the divers on board preferred Jack Rock.

Dive 1 - Jack Rock

Dive 2 - Pulau Lang

Dive 3 - Rayner's Rock

Dive 4 - Pulau Pinang

Dive 5 - Jack Rock

Favourite dive site: Still Rayner's Rock!

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