Diving in Aur

What You Will See

More recent pictures (Jun/Jul 06)

The Blue World of Aur

The Many Colours of Aur

Angels, Bats, Juveniles and Clowns

Pecular-Looking Things

Turtles Among the Coral


Older pictures (May 05)

More Angels, Bats and Clowns


Feathers, Crowns and Christmas

Weird-Looking Things

The unique thing about diving at Aur is that all your equipment will be left on the boat throughout your stay.  So if you want to rinse your equipment everyday, you will have to bring them on shore on your own, and then back to the boat the next morning. As we transfer from the diving boat via a rickety speedboat to shore, it might be a bit too LC to bring your stuff to shore and anyway you'd be too tired too do it.... No Nitrox :-) But at least everything is a short walk away.