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Food Onboard the White Manta

Your stay includes 3 meals a day, served buffet-style at designated meal times, and afternoon tea. Mealtimes depend on your dive times, and you are pretty much guaranteed of hot food pretty soon after your late morning dive, after your afternoon dive, and after your night dive.

Breakfast includes egg, Western fare like chicken sausages and salad, Asian fare like roti prata, bread or toast with standard spreads like peanut butter, jam, and butter.

Lunch and dinner offers a good range of carbo (rice and noodles), meat and vegetables, with fruit.

Afternoon tea almost always includes fresh fruit, and if you're lucky, goreng pisang (fried banana fritters) hot from the fryer, served with ice-cream.

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White Manta

Atlantis Bay Resort Food

Food is tasty! Your stay includes 3 meals a day, served buffet-style at designated meal times only. Standard fare is:

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Free Flow Of...

On the White Manta:

At Atlantis Bay Resort:

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Atlantis Bay Resort

Breakfast BuffetPorridge and CutleryThe Dining Pavilion

Drinks (extra cost)

White Manta

Indicate what you took on a clipboard and pay your share on the last day. They will set aside a time for payment before you reach Singapore.

Atlantis Bay Resort

To get these, just go to the fridge behind the counter and help yourself. But you must remember to indicate what you have taken on the clipboard hanging on the wall next to the counter. Then you only need to pay for everything when you check out.

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Service Staff

The staff onboard the White Manta are efficient and observant. They clear your plate when you're done, they top up certain wildly popular dishes when it's running low (eg goreng pisang), and they always ensure that there are clean cups by the water dispenser.

The staff at Atlantis Bay are very helpful, friendly and sociable. Full marks for making your stay very enjoyable.

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