Intermediate Stuff

In addition to basic diver-speak, Maldives likes to throw beginners a few magical moments to help you hold your own against those who have been diving for a hundred years. Once during our safety stop, we saw 6 manta rays. Nobody had a camera at that time though (!@#$%&).

Anyway, here are some of the other gems that we never expected to see as beginners, but which Maldives generously gave to us free of charge.... plus, it helped that we had very patient dive guides who bothered to point things out to us and even passed us magnifying glasses to peer at the small things while holding on to you so you don't have to struggle with bouyancy while you hold the magnifying glass.


Manta Video

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Pictures (Just click on the thumbnail for the full picture/s)

octopusstonefishporcelain crabsfrogfish

lionfishtriggerfishclamsgiant trevallybatfish