When your boat 'sangkuts' on a sandbar on the Mersing River in the middle of the night, when you lose your virginity clambering into a rocky sampan, and when you have to use a thin cotton blanket instead of a down duvet, just remember: YOU'RE A DIVER NOW. Get used to it.


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This website is by a lady for ladies. It is designed to answer questions like:

It also shares some knowledge of marine life which I've picked up along the way, and important tips (diving and non-diving) that us girls need to know.

I'm a Singaporean. Which explains why this website is necessary. For more information on Singapore, click here.


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8 August 2010

Finally uploaded my updated chromodoris pages. Next step: more photos in the rest of the Lembeh galleries, and then more diving videos with cheesy soundtracks. I do mean to make a diving trip again soon, and I just have to be patient. In the meantime, I'm living vicariously through all those nice people who read my website before going on their Lembeh trips. Isn't Lembeh Straits just the best place ever?

Yap, Sept 06

Yap, Sept 06

Yap, Sept 06

Yap, Sept 06Lembeh Straits, Jan 06Yap, Sept 06


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